Fast is not enough


Join Telecom provides voice, data and Internet services to companies, operators and consumers, the main goal being to support clients in achieving their results as planned.
The vast experience of our personnel in competitive and high tech environments includes data and video communications, telephony, network and server maintenance, software development, web design, consulting, planning and implementing integrated solutions. Join Telecom thus provides a full range of services to its clients, from turnkey services to on-site consulting.

Data Center Services

Do you have all that it takes to protect your data and keep it online on a 24/7 basis? Do you have enough power? Multilayer security? Effective cooling? Backup? 24×7 monitoring? If not, don’t panic: Join Telecom has everything you need. Our Data Center Services include the technology, equipment and experience much needed to protect your data and to make it available online at broadband speeds.

Internet Services

Join Telecom provides solutions for high-speed Internet Access using fiber optic and copper cables in Bucharest, Constanta, Timisoara and Cluj.
Moreover, Join Telecom can connect corporate clients allover the romanian territory, in inaccessible locations, using 3.5 and 5.5GHz radio solutions, at prices beyond any competition.

VoIP Services

Join Telecom provides a full range of Voice Over IP (VoIP) communication services.

Fiber Optic Services (VLAN or dark fiber) via NetCity

Join Telecom provides solutions for high-speed fiber optic rental through Bucharest Netcity underground infrastructure.


Join Telecom is offering consulting services for most various configurations, from single systems to integrated ones, LAN/MAN/WAN networks on self-owned or rented infrastructure.

Join Telecom is offering consulting services for the most various services which are available on stand-alone equipment or Linux/Windows-based.: telecom, VoIP telephony, IP television, audio/video streaming , teleconference.


Join Telecom offers outsourcing software development services.

Peering and Transit Locations in North America
Telx Phoenix, AZ, USA
Any2 Los Angeles, CA, USA
Equinix Los Angeles, CA, USA
LAIIX Los Angeles, CA, USA
Equinix Palo Alto, CA, USA
Any2 San Jose, CA, USA
Equinix San Jose, CA, USA
RMIX Denver, CO, USA
Telx Atlanta, GA, USA
Equinix Chicago, IL, USA
MICE Minneapolis, MN, USA
KCIX Kansas City, MO, USA
Equinix Newark, NJ, USA
Equinix New York, NY, USA
Telx New York, NY, USA
NWAX Portland, OR, USA
Equinix Dallas, TX, USA
Equinix Ashburn, VA, USA
Equinix Seattle, WA, USA
SIX Seattle, WA, USA
MADIX Madison, WI, USA
Equinix Toronto, ON, Canada
TORIX Toronto, ON, Canada
QIX Montreal, QC, Canada
PIX Vancouver, VC, Canada
Peering and Transit Locations in Europe
LINX London, England
LoNAP London, England
VIX Vienna, Austria
NIX.CZ Prague, Czech Republic
Equinix Paris, France
France-IX Paris, France
ECIX Berlin, Germany
ECIX Dusseldorf, Germany
BCIX Frankfurt, Germany
DE-CIX Frankfurt, Germany
KleyReX Frankfurt, Germany
ECIX Hamburg, Germany
MIX Milan, Italy
LU-CIX Luxembourg, Luxembourg
PLIX Warsaw, Poland
THINX Warsaw, Poland
NETNOD Stockholm, Sweden
SOLIX Stockholm, Sweden
STHIX Stockholm, Sweden
Equinix Zurich, Switzerland
SwissIX Zurich, Switzerland
AMS-IX Amsterdam, The Netherlands
NL-IX Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Peering and Transit Locations in Asia
Equinix Hong Kong SAR, HK, China
HKIX Hong Kong SAR, HK, China
IAIX Hong Kong SAR, HK, China
Equinix Tokyo, Japan
JPIX Tokyo, Japan
JPNAP Tokyo, Japan
Equinix Singapore, Singapore